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At the 14th International Inventors Exposition in Manhattan, Fabao 101 formulas won the unique "Gold Prize" in its category of products.

Having won a total of seven international awards for his invention of hair loss remedy in the past decade, Dr. Zhang-guang Zhao is considered to be the world's authority for the treatment of thinning hair.

Dr. Zhao, the inventor of Fabao 101D for hair lossAs reported in New York Time, Dr. Zhao started his research on alopecia in the early 1970s and developed his first pilatory formulation called Fabao 101 in 1976.

Fabao 101 was so successful that in the mid 80s Japanese travel agencies organized trips to China so people could purchase the product (Newsweek).

Over the past years, Dr. Zhao and his fellow scientists at The International Hair Regenerating and Nourishing Research Center have been improving 101 formulation and now introduce their new formulas: Fabao 101D, 101F and 101G.

Fabao 101 Formulas
101D for hair loss prevention Fabao 101D
Formulated to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. Recommended for people in the early stage of male & female pattern baldness. Click for more information.
101F for hair loss Fabao 101F
For people in the late-stage of hair loss (MPB).
Recommended for oily scalp. Click for more information
101G for hair loss Fabao 101G
For people in the late-stage of hair loss (MPB).
Recommended for normal or dry scalp. Click for more information
male & female pattern baldness Shampoo
It helps nourish your hair, remove dandruff, stop itchiness. 1 month supply (200 ml, 6.6 oz). Click for more information

They all contain precisely optimized mixture of active compounds extracted from medicinal plants.

In order to maximize the efficacy, these compounds are isolated using proprietary technologies such that their native molecular structures remain intact. While many other companies have tried to formulate their products based on our data published in medical journals, because of the delicate nature of active ingredients and lack of know-how, they have been unsuccessful at reproducing our results.

Easy to Use

Fabao 101 formulas work for those patients suffering from receding hairlines and frontal baldness. It is easy to use, simply apply the lotion onto the thinning area of your scalp daily at your convenience. There are no messy, greasy oils or creams. 101 formulas are 100% safe to use without any side effects, because its active ingredients are isolated from natural medicinal plants.