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There is no other similar products like Fabao 101 which has enjoyed the most extensive coverage by the mainstream media around the world. The following are selected reports from news media in English, Japanese and Chinese. Click the following images to read the reports.

hair loss report

"....Dr. Zhao Zhang Guang, claims he has saved face for 5 million Chinese and more than 1 million Japanese - by restoring their hair..."  [Full story]

hair loss report

"... Dr. Zhao Zhangguang, dubbed the 101 Hair Oil King in his homeland, is in town and looking to spend up to $US10 million  to start a hair products business here.."  [Full story]

hair loss report

"...Only Mr. Zhao, his wife, and daughter are privy to the 101 secret, although the Japanese, he says, are spending a fortune trying to duplicate the formula..."  [Full story]

hair loss report hair loss report
"...Word spread some more. In 1976, a reporter from Hangzhou came by to look into rumors that there were no bald men in Dr. Zhao's county anymore. The reporter, Pan Guozheng, happened to bald..." [Full story] "... Thousands of Asian men reportedly have used the product and 90 percent are said to have found it effective-so much so, in fact, that many call it a "magic liquid" for hair.." [Full story]
Japanese hair loss report
Japanese hair loss report
Japanese hair loss report
Japanese hair loss report
Japanese hair loss report
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hair loss report
hair loss report  
Chinese hair loss report