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Satisfied Customers Around the World

Our primary goal is satisfied customers, and Fabao 101products enjoy a tremendous amount of them.

We continue to receive numerous letters from customers around the world. We are very thankful for the comments received and continue to encourage both comments and questions about our products as well as your hair care concerns.

As always, comments quoted here are identified using just your first name and last name initial. We never divulge names or sell our customer list to insure privacy of all valued customers. Please consult our "corporate policy on customer privacy" section.

"Having once more re-ordered your FABAO 101D product, I would like to offer the following unsolicited observations.

As a scientist and a born skeptic, I don't mind admitting, that in the beginning I had serious doubts about the possible benefits of a purely herbal product, such as your 101D.   Since I was quite desperate about my hair loss problems and because drug-based treatments did not work for
me, I finally did decided to try your product.

Within 1 months of starting your treatment, I did observe some hair growth. This process has not stopped, it sometimes progressed rather
slowly, other times hair growth appeared to accelerate. All in all, I have been using your product for 1.5 years with the following results:

(i)   My hair loss problem has disappeared completely.
(ii)  New growth has replenished some estimated 65%-70% of my previous hair loss
(iii) I had one completely bold spot which continued to extend prior to using the 101D. This spot is now completely covered by hair, although it has not yet reached its original density.
(iv)  My hair appears more healthy and springy and it has more 'body'.

The reason I am continuing with the treatment is that I can see further gradual thickening of my hair.

Clearly, I am impressed with your product and you may - if you wish -
use this letter as a sign of my appreciation.

Dr.Stephen G. Szirmai
Senior Research Fellow, Sydney, Australia

>After using Fabao 101D for two weeks now I have noticed that I have hardly any dandruff and my hair lose is at around 10 hairs a day. I was >wondering whether or not 10 hairs a day, is this amount of hair lose a normal amount for a person who is not losing hair? ....

>S. D.

East Midlands, UK

"I've been using your product for 3 months now and i can see hair starting to grow on my previously bald areas...."

Harun A.

Johor Bahru, Malaysia

"Hi, I have been using the 101D for less than two weeks and my hair loss has already slowed down considerably. I feel frustrated because I didn't discover your website until after I had spent over $100 on a five month supply of Minoxidil...."

Duncan M.



Oliver P.

München, Bayern, Germany

"I started using 101 in October 1997 and after about six weeks I noticed a significant decrease in hair loss and this was soon followed by regrowth..."

Frances W.


"I have been using your product for about 6 weeks, and already have seen a drastic reduction in my hair loss..."

Kevin K.


>...if ever in the need for a senior citizen to promote 101D, ring me up..
..during Jan, '97, friend talked me into using 101D.. no before pic because I thought it was actually a joke.. 18 months later I'm amazed..

Picture Attachments:

"Recently, I purchased Fabao. I have been using the product for over
1 week now.
One of the changes that I notice is that my scalp is no longer oily. My hair seems fuller. And my hair hasn't been falling out.
Previously, I had been using Rogaine for 2yrs. and my scalp was oily and irriated and red...."

Tim R.

Fairfax, VA, USA

"I just want to tell you I love your product. I've been using it for about half a year and my hair is really growing back. I'm amazed. When I discovered I was losing my hair I decided to keep my hair shaved close to the scalp, and I was fine with this, but a friend wanted me to try out Fabao as a guinea pig for his thinning hair. He wanted me to try it because with my shaved head it would be easy to see any difference. I didn't think to take before and after pictures, but there is a remarkable difference. Other people notice too. If it continues at its present rate, I imagine I'll have restored all my
lost hair within another six months, maybe a year.

I'm surprised that Fabao is not better known.
Thanks very much. I had pretty much accepted my hair loss (I actually look better now with a shaved head anyway) but getting it back is a nice surprise."

A satisfied customer,
Jake M.
New York, NY.

FYI:  Fabao is working for me, hope it keeps working. Thanks for having such a great product...

David P.

Hooksett, NH

"I have a question concerning your product. I have been using your product for about a month now for a very minimal receding hairline . I have noticed that their are very thin almost invisible hairs growing out of my crown area..."

Tomatsu P.

"I have been a regular user of Fabao 101D and the results are amazing.....Your product is excellent. I have a couple of questions that I would appreciate an answer to..."

Gordon D' S.


"Both I and my mother have been using 101D for a month. I ahve seen considerable improvements to my hair in that it doesn't fall out any more..."

George K.

Mascot  NSW 2020  Australia

"....Oh yes, and one more thing. PLEASE start advertising your product on a broader scale! It's a WONDERFUL product..."

Scott S.

Houston, TX. USA

"First of all, I would like to thank you all for this product. I was very skeptical when I first saw the website and read about the product. But I went ahead and read thru the website and I decided to try and order it anyway since I thought that what do I have to loose. I would like to find out first hand if the product really works or not. But as soon as I got the product, I started to use it and I am getting very good results with it. I regrew hair, no more falling hair, my dandruff problem is now cured that other products I tried did not work a bit. I am still in my first bottle (since I ordered two the first time) and my hair is definitely thicker and growing back. Thanks a lot...

I would like to ask your permission to use and distribute the information on your website to show other people how to get this product. I also have my own website and I would also like to direct them to your URL site since I am sure that a lot of men will do everything to know and get this product.  "

Max S. from Los Angeles

"For months I tried other products and sill was experiencing rapid hairloss. Then after only two weeks of using Fabao 101D twice daily my hair loss stopped completely. After two months I can see a great improvement in the overall quality of hair and my bald spot at the crown is disappearing. Very impressive product, especially considering it has no side effects and very easy to use... Many thanks!  "

Alex U., Oakland, CA

"Frankly I'm baffled. After applying Fabao 101D to my scalp twice daily for one month, I'm already spotting tiny hairs sprouting from my widow's peak area....But what baffles me is, why don't you market Fabao 101D better? I had to stumble upon it accidentally, through a link from the Bald Men's Page, or some such site. It's time to take this product out of hiding!"

-- Mark P. Florida, USA

"I was originally from India, I started to notice hair loss after living in this country for three years...., Hair loss is now down to bare minimum and I noticed new hair is growing! Scalp feels good, my hair has a nice texture."

--Murali L., Dayton, New Jersey, USA

"I have nothing but praise for the 101D formula. Having tried just about every thing available for the last Forty years, it's almost unbelievable to find something that really works!"

-- Bob L. Stratford, Connecticut, USA

"I was hesitant to buy your product, it worried me a little (there are too many products out there, confused!!!)... I almost gave it up after trying it for about one month and half because I did not see any sign that this formula was working for me. After using this formula for about 2 months, I was very, very surprised to see small new hair coming out!... I plan to write you with monthly updates.... I am willing to provide reference to your customers..."

--Kirti Bhanushali, Ontario, Canada

"I am writing to thank everyone at Fabao company...., My hair was very thin, dry and limp. I have been using Fabao 101D for two months and now my hair is much fuller. It has more body, it isn't dry any more. The feeling is wonderful! ...."

---Kay E., leicester, UK

"I am only 22 and I noticed considerable hair loss a few months ago. After using your treatment for 2 months, I found much less hair on my pillow in the morning."

--Lothar S. Dusseldorf, Germany.

"I have found this formula to help prevent further hair loss. My hair can be managed easier and appears to be healthier, and I have found considerable hair regrowth."

-- Theander, P. Geneva, Switzerland

"Fabao is absolutely gorgeous! thanks for saving my hair."

--John M. Medford, New Jersey USA

"I¡¯ve always had fine hair and it used to be real hard to mange, but since I started using your product my hair looks great.

--Michel, J. Huddinge, Sweden

" I've noticed the tub drain doesn't clog with hair anymore. I STILL COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!"

--Dan Colemen, Monroe, Connecticut, USA

"I have found that Fabao help prevent hair loss. My hair appears to be healthier, and I have noticed considerable hair regrowth".

--Mary S. London, UK

"Minoxidil was not effective in stopping my hair loss. But with your formula my hair loss stopped and I saw new hair coming out where there was none."

--James Y., New Brunswick, Canada

"....Noticed hair regrowth in my bald spot in the back when I used your 101D and Minoxidil."

--Jon K., Australia

"Pardon my English... your 101D formula stopped hair shedding and dandruff after I used it two weeks"

--Pieter D. The Hague, The Netherlands

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